It's Time....

to get our stuff together ladies.  We have no reason to be

carrying the weight that we carry today.  I do know that

we have every reason in the world to justify how we got

here, but the truth is, we should have never gotten here.  

I know for me, this is ridiculous.  I am so ashamed of

myself.  THIS IS NOT HEALTHY!!  Fat has just hijacked my body

and locked itself in.  But no more.  I am taking it all back. The problem is, that I just have not made a "DECISION" 

to do anything different.  I promise you that I can give you every reason you can give me about this weight, but I won't because "Excuses only satisfy the one who makes them..."


So what we are going to do is change our situations together.  How will we do this?  One pound at a time.  We are going to set realistic goals and we will achieve those goals - TOGETHER.  It is time out for us falling off of the wagon just because.  We are now going to do this as a team.  We are going to lift each other up, encourage each other, mentor each other and love each other through this.  I refuse to keep buying larger clothes. You are too!  


This new program will allow us to interact with each other and see what each of us is doing.  I need for you to REGISTER today and START today.  We have gotten with some of our sponsors who have agreed to do special things for our milestones on this journey.  We are going to be blessed in big ways ladies.  I can't do this alone.  I need you to keep me on the right track.  First and foremost, please send us your beginning testimonials of how you are feeling now and how you would like to feel.  Send us the photo that you don't mind showing as your beginning. Then periodically you will send your "marker" photos (to show your progress) as well.  We will hold each other accountable and we will lose one pound at a time.  More than that, we will celebrate together.


So come on and join our movement of each one reach one together to make history.  I want this to be the biggest weight loss challenge that has ever existed.  We can't do it without you, so please take the time to sign up and lets go. TODAY IS OUR DAY TO WIN!!!



Sophia White

Pound 4 Pound Challenge

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