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Who's Who Dinner

Brian Ferry March 2012



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Rolling Out

​Susan Smith March 2012

In the ‘90s and early aughts, Sophia White was singing background for popular artists like Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson, Freddy Jackson and Toto. In addition, White provided vocal producing and vocal training for record labels.

Today, White has stepped out of the recording studio and into the spotlight. As a motivational speaker, White has been firing up audiences at business meetings like Atlanta Business League’s Super Tuesday. At other times, she’s advancing her own ministry, cooking and serving “good meals” to the homeless with her husband, John, and two daughters by her side.

“I traveled the world for 13 years singing background … from blues to big band. I was even with the Ellington Orchestra. I love to see, touch and feel people. I wasn’t really impacting their lives like I knew I could... read more

Pregnant With Purpose

Sophia White


Kenazj, Inc.


One of the best ways to assure that those who are pregnant with purpose make a full-term healthy delivery is to speak words of life to them as often as possible. This is what Sophia White, president/CEO of Kenazj, Inc. does that through her company, a management/marketing firm serving entertainers and small businesses.


Sophia has a strong reputation for being successful, in fact it has been said that everything she touches flourishes, and being a motivational speaker was a success story waiting to be told. “My mother, Linda Jones, – like any loving and supportive mother – would always listen to me as I discussed my life’s dreams. But she’d still come back and affirm that I was purposed to be a motivational speaker,” Sophia reflects. World-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown also took note of her calling and confirmed her mother’s words. read more...

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