SophaTalkLive Podcast 

Dear Friends,


We are so excited to finally be getting our message out to you live.  This is where we get a little more detailed about some of the subjects that have been discussed.  But please understand that we need your participation.  Our goal is to make sure that we are speaking about things that you want to know.  We cannot do that if we don't hear from you.  Although I get many letters daily, I still meet so many of you that say good things that I feel others need to hear.  But I cannot remember it all at the end of the day.  This takes teamwork.  All of us working together is what makes the dream live.  I love speaking with you all in private conversations,  but the masses need to hear and celebrate your victories with you as well.  The Bible talks about the words of our testimony.  Our stories help to free others who could be going through the same thing.  Please help us to help each other.  Share with us all and lets get motivated to not only dream, but carry out our dreams.  


Podcast schedules will be posted weekly.  Click on the register page to and get registered to recieve updates for broadcast.


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