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Sophia White…an original talent born for authentic stardom, shed the trappings of her musical background and sought after her well-deserved business spotlight.  With such an impressive list of personal and professional accomplishments, Sophia's business savvy far supersedes any of her entertainment accolades.  Although she has appeared on many stages with greats such as Celine Dion, Paul McCartney, Michael Franks, Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle to name a few, her destiny led her to master the "business of the business" behind the scenes.  During her tenure in this world of entertainment, she developed her marketing abilities while helping to brand the artists that she was privileged to work with.  With continued successes, her wisdom was sought after by many to follow. As if this was not enough, to add to her credits she is formerly the General Manager of The Steve Harvey World Group where she provided professional leadership and worked with their team to strategically craft and diversify his brand.  Sophia's multi-faceted gifts have enabled her organically grow a trusted brand that people can count on.


The main stage for Mrs. White now is her entrepreneurial platform. Her favorite professional title to date, fostered by the world’s ambassador of motivation Mr. Les Brown, is motivational speaker. She travels the globe teaching women to expand their wealth portfolios by becoming independent and taking charge of their own lives and resetting with an entrepreneurial mindset.  She encourages them to push to become better through business.  To add to these successes, Sophia has just landed her own radio show, which provides another outlet for women to connect and gain empowering information. For over 18 years she has been in the real estate investing world.  From the PIT to the PALACE, she has been called on to not only educate people on the art of investing, but to negotiate and secure deals that to most would be considered "unclosable".  Sophia is known for her uncanny knack for winning the negotiation and closing the deal on any level.  She prides herself on doing what she calls "GOOD BUSINESS".  Her "no nonsense and no excuses" approach to business is causing the masses to connect with this dynamic powerhouse.  Audiences are simply astounded to see this woman take the stage and leave her story to resonate in the hearts of all of the onlookers.


She is now known across the globe for her healthy nuggets of wisdom garnering self-enhancement, power and success – “Become the woman you were meant to be”.  Her brand new book is set to be released by September 2016.  Empowerment Comes Through Perseverance Not Procrastination is the message that she embeds on the minds of all who encounter her action packed power sessions.


In 2011 she was named in Who's Who as one of the top 100 most successful women.  Although she serves on many boards and has received hundreds of awards to date, Sophia remains humbled by every honor and every person who has benefited through her teachings.  She does not take that for granted.  Her faith is her guide and her belief in God keeps it all in perspective.  She is a member of Sickle Cell of Atlanta and was crowned Miss Fulton County (1993-94).  Mrs. White is also active with many group homes throughout the city of Atlanta and supports battered and abused children’s organizations in the metropolitan area as well.  She’s a member of New Shield of Faith Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor John and First Servant Regina Battle. Sophia has been happily married for 18 years and mother of 2 daughters, aged 17and 14.


This dynamic motivational speaker is captivating audiences, young and old.  Her encouraging messages of “The Strength Within and The Power to Dream Again” are leaving the masses astounded with amazement.  She is a powerful vessel ready and willing to execute her tasks upon command.  Across the country she is adored. Her effervescent and glowing personality is guaranteed to permeate your spirit, penetrate your mind and truly warm your hearts.

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